Reception service

The reception service is after the gatekeeper the first point of contact of your customers and visitors. For this reason, a special personnel selection is important here.

Our employees receive their guests in a friendly and attentive manner in a smart appearance and thIs create a positive first impression of your company.

For the first impression you rarely get a second chance.

Tasks in the reception service:

▪ Management of the switchboard
▪ Reception and registration of visitors
▪ Creation of visitor badges
▪ Registration of persons and events including time and duration
▪ Output of keys
▪ Monitoring of all technical equipment, especially alarm systems
▪ Regulation of the postal service

Requirements for our employees:

▪ Good foreign language skills
▪ PC knowledge
▪ Appealing appearance
▪ Communication skills
▪ Teamwork
▪ High resilience
▪ Flexibility
▪ Very good manners
▪ Reliability

In the selection of our employees, the location – such as office complex, hotel, school, government or hospital – plays an important role. Therefore, we check your personal profile of requirements in a chat and then realize it.