Luxury cars

You want to receive guests, or would like a quick transaction for a luxurious vehicle. We offer you everything that makes your heart beat faster.

From high powered Bentleys and Ferraris to the luxurious noble comfort class like Maybach and Rolls Royce, we offer you everything. Many of our clients just want to have fun over the weekend in Monaco, have a great gala evening at a board meeting or simply have fun. As a matter of principle, regular rental car stations can no longer meet the high standard

Not everyone offers vehicles with over 600hp and prices over 750,000 € as a rental car. Of course, we provide a complete service for our clients, so that this vehicle will be waiting for you in your garage in the morning when you get up, according to the motto „customer is king.“

You need an armored vehicle, because you want to pick up a board colleague or the minister arrives at your place? Again, we have the right vehicles. For safety and insurance reasons, armored vehicles can only be booked with our chauffeur service.

In this occasion safety has the highest priority.