Jets & Helikopter Service

Jets & Helikopter Service

No check in – no check out.

We accompany you to the next airfield, and land with you at your destination. Our claim is to bring you to your desired place as quickly and safely as possible. We work together with companies that have a national valid „general permit“, which allows us in agreement with the landowner, to execute so-called „Außenlandungen“ almost everywhere in Germany.

Fast, convenient and uncomplicated.

Forget the queue at the airport, the stress associated with passport control and the waiting for the take – off and landing permit. We will pick you up in a luxury class limousine, upon request also armored, at your doorstep, bring you quickly with our chauffeurs to the nearest airport and you can then enjoy the quiet hour with a glass of sparkling wine. Whether guests you receive from abroad or if the children need to be flown to you safely, we are your contact for such a reliable business.

There is also the possibility to book our jets and helicopters with a VIP equipment. Maximum comfort for exclusive customers.

Our helicopters can carry up to 12 people on board. We also provide the right menu so you can have a quick meal during the flight time